Bill is a Chartered Surveyor, whose expertise spans across residential surveying, valuation, and property management. His dedication and outstanding skills were recently recognised when he was honoured as the Residential Surveyor of the Year 2023 – a testament to his exceptional contributions to the field.

Bill is now expanding his horizons into commercial building surveying. He’s currently pursuing an advanced diploma in structural engineering, seeking to enhance his proficiency in this dynamic area of expertise.

Bill is not only committed to his own growth but also to nurturing the next generation of surveyors. He serves as an APC mentor, counsellor, and assessor, guiding and supporting aspiring professionals on their journey to becoming Chartered Surveyors.

Beyond surveying, he’s also a dedicated member of the Army Reserves, serving as an Engineer. During his spare time, Bill actively engages with his unit, undergoing training to uphold his commitment to duty and service.