Damp and Timber Survey

We were recently instructed to inspect a property that had previously undergone a damp treatment by a so-called “damp expert.”

🔍 The Previous Damp Solution:

The property had previously received a damp treatment, involving the injection of a damp-proof course (DPC) and the installation of a new timber floor. However, none of the following was considered which was the actual cause of the damp and timber issues.

1️⃣ Lack of Ventilation: There was no consideration for proper ventilation, an essential element in moisture control. This has led to accelerated rotting of the timbers.

2️⃣ High Ground Levels: The ground levels surrounding the property had not been appropriately addressed, allowing water to bridge the DPC. This allowed moisture to penetrate the building’s fabric, causing further issues. As well as this the original DPC and subfloor ventilation was buried by the external ground levels.

🔍 The Result:

As a direct consequence of these oversights, the newly installed timber floor has once again succumbed to rot, necessitating a complete replacement. This unfortunate situation highlights the importance of getting qualified professional advice.

If you are experiencing damp or timber-related issues in your property please get in touch. We are happy to assist.